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Five Years Celebration:Ooni Of Ife Promised To Empowered fifty Nigerians


Ooni Of Ife Announces 5th Years Celebration On The Throne, Promised To Raised 50 Millionaires
opera.comMar 4, 2020 1:45 PM
Time flies and waited for no man. He’s now a good 5years on the throne of his forefathers, talking of Imperial Majesty, Oba Babatunde Ogunwuyi Enitan, Ojaja II, Ooni of Ile-Ife.

Kabiesi himself announced the commencement of how he will be doing the celebration of his 5th years on the throne via his Instagram page.

From his statements, he said, the celebration will be started in this present month of March and ended in December, 2020.

Not only him celebrating alone, he will be Empowering 50 Nigerians and make them millionaires through their business idealogy.

Remember he has promised that, he will be dealing mostly with the youths in Nigeria and beyond. He said, African youths are going to be empowered through his Oni Of Ife Global Outreach (OIGO) which it has been working on for sometime now.

Meanwhile, anybody can be part of the empowerment if you have a great idea on business to share. You can simply send your proposal to this email info@ooniofifego.com. Also, all entries are to be closed by April 4th, 2020. According to his majesty.

So, Goodluck to everyone who’s looking for one or two ways to breakthrough in life. This is another vital opportunity.

Congrats to his Majesty, Oba Ogunwuyi Enitan Ojaja II, Ooni of Ife on his 5th years anniversary on his father’s throne.

Source and Pictures credited to : @ooniadimulaife on Instagram

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