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Garba Shehu’s statement is reckless, Akeredolu on right path ~ Press Tv


The recent statement credited to Malam Garba shehu on the ultimatum issued to herdsmen in Ondo state by the state government as been described “reckless, vexatious and illogical” and that the ondo state governor as chief security officer of the state remain on the right path by the ultimatum to illegal herdsmen who have turned the forest into den of kidnappers.

This description was given on Thursday in Lagos by the Coalition of Oodua Self determination Groups (COSEG) in a press release signed by comrades Dayo Ogunlana and Dele Daramola, the chairman and publicity Cordinating Committe of the group respectively.

The group stated that it’s dissapointed with the statement credited to Garba Shehu, the Special Assistant to the president while condeming his outburst as it is against the spirit of the 1999 constitution he quoted.

According to COSEG “We read with dissappointment the statement ascribed to Garba Shehu who recklessly defended the activities of some criminals who pretended to be hardsmen in Ondo state Forest. With such statement, we now believed what some people do say in some quarters that kidnappers tormenting our people are being sponsored by powerful people. We will not agree less”. The statement credited to him really need another clarification as it is clearly against the spirit of the 1999 constitution he quoted except he wants us to understand that our people do not have the right to live where some people have decided to kidnap and maim them.

“We will want to know the essence of government and what made ondo government wrong in controlling activities they have just seen that is clearly against the existence of his people and right to life of people living in the state?. We want to believe that this statement credited to Garba Sheu is self serving.”

The group further call on president Buhari to call Garba Sheu to order by insisting that he stops his dangerous Fulani activism. COSEG said

“It is high time president Buhari whose integrity we cannot doubt,stop Garba Sheu and his likes in Goverment from tainting and destroying the peace,tranquility and unity of Nigeria if at all there is any. We doubt his sincerity and respect for other nationalities with his cruel and unguarded approach to germane issues like these.”

The group reminded all on the creation of COSEG,which was formed, will have no option than to direct their people to defend themselves if statements like the one credited to Garba Sheu are not stopped and him not warned.

COSEG said” our group was formed basically to defend, protect and promote the interests of our people. Their welfare ,security and right to live are unnegotiable and are sacrosant. Our love for the present government as led by president Buhari is unshaken and cannot be compromised, but we will not tolerate a situation where our people are being tormented by criminal minded herdsmen who have gone beyond their right to movement and right to life. It is generally believe that where ones right starts,another person’s right stops.Hope Garba Sheu knows this. Hence,nobody must use his right to torment others.This is what Garba Sheu fails to understand.

The group finally give kudos to Ondo State Government and Governor Akeredolu for using his law credentials for the benefit of his people.

COSEG said, “governor Akeredolu and Ondo government has written their names in gold for taking a Plausible role on this issue rather than betraying the people that elected them. We are happy that with this singular act, he has worked his talk of protecting the interest of his people and the oath he sworn.He has shown us that the law certificates and credentials he posseses are not fluke He has infact walked to our heart.we congratulate him”.

The group went further by warning the herdsmen who have used yoruba’s bush and Government forests,our own territory and inheritance anyway to commit kidnapping ,robbery to stop forthwith and leave the place urgently.

“We will not shy away from performing the role expected of us the main reason why COSEG was formed”. Hardsmen are becoming notorious,the reasons are not far fetched. We also request Garba Sheu and his like not to read and quote the 1999 constitution to support the reckless activities of his people. It is dangerous and unbecoming of an appointed official of the government”.the group concluded

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