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I Had A Dream Nigeria Will Soon Break Up–Murphy Adebare


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“Dreams may be considered as real for future reactions, and may potentially prepare us to face real-life dangers”

Over 35 years ago, Murphy Adebare had a dream of becoming a Managing Director of a world class company. And today, Adebare’s dream has come to pass. He is an emerging entrepreneur, a philanthropist, business developer and the Managing Director of TOPAZ GARDENS AND PROPERTIES; a fast rising building and construction firm with presence in many African countries. Yet, Adebare has another dream, this time around, very frightening, terrified as he saw in his dream that three different nations spring up from Nigeria. Adebare believes that the government can avert this if they could act promptly. He however expresses fear in a chat with selected journalists that Nigeria may split if stakeholders fail to listen to his tidings.

You said you are afraid about the unity of this country, why?

I told Nigerians about 5 to 7 years ago that there is need to ‘end Nigeria so as to save lives. This is because the more Nigeria continue to exist the more lives are being taken, the more people return to their God. I don’t believe in one Nigeria any longer. One Nigeria is evil and you can see that lives are been lost on daily basis.

I had a dream; it’s very hard for me to have dream. I don’t dream anyhow. But Once I dream, it comes to pass. I’m afraid, Nigeria may not survive this and that’s why I called the media to alert Nigeria and Nigerians about the impending loom. I had a dream that some nations spring up from Nigeria very soon. My own race, the Yoruba nation is one of them. If Nigeria government and stakeholders of one indivisible Nigeria fail to address some of the challenges of national unity, the country may soon split. I swear some with my life, this dream will come to pass.

Interview section with Murphy Adebare

Can you please share with our readers what you saw in that dream?

Abou 5 years ago, I had the dream, I saw in my dream that Yoruba are been congratulated in CNN. In that dream, many countries around the globe were sponsoring congratulatory messages for the emergence of new Yoruba nations.

Dream is a personal belief, why are you making it public?

I’m making it public because the government and perhaps the politicians can act on what is presently obtainable. I mean the hardship many Nigerians go through in term of basic needs and infrastructure, policies and respect for rule of law. If Nigeria governments don’t change their way and act on this quickly the dream will come to pass.

What political party are you?

I’m not in any political party and I don’t want to be because it’s a dirty game but if I see anything, I will definitely say it.

How do you think the government can avert break up?

The Nigeria governments (Federal, state and local governments) are not being fair with the people, our population is our strength but Nigerian governments cannot make use of it, there’s no need for staying in Nigeria. We should not deceive ourselves because a nation that does not have a competition can never grow. Nigeria supposed to operate regional government that could fast-track even competition and development.

We supposed to learn from Arab world; there, they have competitions such can sustain this country. Nigeria can never grow with this kind of system.

You said Yoruba spring up from Nigeria. And of course there are agitations for Oduduwa nation, are you also in support of this secession move?

I have one thing to tell my people clamoring for Oduduwa nation; they should be encouraged and keep hope alive. To be honest with you, I swear with my life, I saw that nations spring up from Nigeria. It’s hard for me to have a dream. I’m neither a pastor nor imam. But what I’m telling you now will come to pass in a short period. My previous ones that come to past are there, there’s a lot that I have had in my own personal life that come to pass. because when I was at the age of three going to 5 or 7, I had a dream that I became the MD of a company, I can even tell you that it’s my first dream and it came to past and the dream that I had, I was young and it came to pass. Several dreams that I have in the past had become reality. This corona that happened of recent, I have had it may years ago. Then, in my dream, somebody closed to me died of it and I told the person many years ago before now and the person is late. He died of covid-19. I didn’t even know it would be corona or covid-19.

Don’t you believe there is joy in our togetherness?

If three or four nations spring out of Nigeria, do you know why it’s going to be more better, Imagine the federal republic of Nigeria now, if my local government chairman is not governing the local government right, I cannot go and meet him because most of the local government chairman do not live in their local government areas, look at Eti Osa L.G chairman, I was told he’s living in Park View so can I go from here to Park view to go and argue with him that he’s not doing the right thing? Nigeria government has to bring the government to the common man, the government is far away from the common man and that’s why we cannot fight for a just society. The government is far from the people and it cannot work, we should not take government far from the people. The advanced world we talk about take government close to their people. That’s what they call democracy but this type of situation in Nigeria where there’s no competition and…. I want to make an illustration for you, we have different companies doing the same job, I’m running to beat all my competitors, they are running to beat my own company, there’s a competition. I do tell people that’s why I used to say that two wives is the best, when you have two wives, they will be running to please the husband, by so doing through competition, they will bring out the best, that’s what Nigeria needs, we need regional government or Oduduwa republic, Niger Delta, middle belt people will be running it affairs. If middle belt government don’t have population Lagos can send in more expatriate to sustain their government, there will be competitions by so doing the people will be enjoying and have freedom too. There’s no way we can go about this government. Federalism or unitary system cannot help because it allows people to be lazy. It allows corruption and impunity and injustice. How can a government of a State collect my own land and sell it to another person in this present Nigeria?

So, your dream is all about a better Nigerian?

Nigerians should start jubilating because our fore fathers have answered our prayers. For me to have this dream, it may be one year or two or later but this dream will come to pass. I’m telling you the honest truth; you will bring back this record and play it to my children. And unto children of Yoruba people and everybody, there’s nothing Nigeria can do except to negotiate with these people now.

Which people should we negotiate with?

It’s not the people that are agitating for Oduduwa republic now that will achieve Oduduwa republic. I’m telling you the honest truth, Oduduwa republic is a divine intervention from God and there’s nothing they can do to stop it. The dream that I had is a divine intervention and there’s nothing Nigeria government can do about it. Yoruba sons and daughters and other Nations that want to spring up from Nigeria, they should go and calm down, divine intervention that will split Nigeria is very clear, you will just wake up in a day and see that Nigeria has broken up but if Nigeria governments want to be proactive, they should retrace and start doing what’s right because the breaking up of Nigeria is very brutal. I remember in time of Chief MKO Abiola, you see what happened in South west; they were pursuing all Nigerians to emulate them. Breaking up of Nigeria, you will see the same soldiers they used against agitators will confront them, write it down.

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