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Arewa GroupThrown Weight Behind TINUBU Presidential Ambition ~ PressTv


The Arewa United Consultative Forum, AUCF has thrown its weight behind the presidential ambition of the former Lagos State Governor and the National Leader of the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.
Speaking in Lagos at the weekend, National Chairman of the AUCF, Alhaji Ado Shuaibu Dansudu explained that Tinubu has done a lot for Northerners, especially those of them living in the South, and most especially in the Southwest.

Dansudu also urged the APC leader to wary of saboteurs and enemies who are posing as friends around him, warning it was the “enemies within” that sabotaged the aspiration of the Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo from becoming President, thus robbing the nation of his quality leadership qualities.
“I recalled that in the run-up to independence, the three leading parties at that time: the NPC, NCNC and AG were not able to get the majority votes needed to form the government. Ahmadu Bello, the leader of the NPC was looking a party alliance and first approached the AG, in an arrangement that will make Awolowo the President and Balewa the Prime Minister, but the saboteurs around Awolowo frustrated the deal before Bello approached the NCNC which accepted the proposal,” Dansudu alleged.
The AUCF leader insisted that “Awolowo didn’t know that his own people are jealous of him, and this same people are trying to sabotage the efforts of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.”
He also debunked the notion that the Northerners have the prime beneficiaries of the political arrangements in Nigeria, arguing that in contrast, the Northerners are actually slaves in Nigeria.”
The Arewa leader explained that the resources of the North formed the bulk of the fund used in educating the citizens of Nigeria to drill the oil that was used to lift the nation into economic boom.
“How many Northerners are in federal government parastatals? They are very few, and also, how many Northerners are at the Stock Exchange? How many Northerners are in Central Bank? How many federal government pensioners do we have? Even the Bureau de Change license, the northerners have only 30%, and gradually, our forefathers business is being hijacked from us now,” Dansudu said.

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