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How To Guide Your Child Against Abuse of Android Phone By Wale Abydeen ~ PressTv


Indeed, the world is a global village and obviously everything been done in any part of the world can be recorded, uploaded to the internet and of course be easily accessed in any other part of the world providied there is internet facility.

Internet has practically turned the world into one small community and the invention of GSM (Global System of Mobile communication) further brought the world into the palm of everybody using smart phone.

However, globalization and the use of internet in our homes, offices and perhaps our hands devices has compelled us to device means of proper scrutiny and and application of wisdom especially when used by children or immature people.

Therefore if you must get your children an  Android or Portable Devices, you need to follow the below steps to be sure he or she doesn’t abuse the use of internet by following the steps enumerated below:

  1. Register a gmail account for them with the correct age and with your email as the parent.
  2. Install Google Family Link on your own phone.
  3. Add their registered e-mail to your Google Family Link.
  4. Factory Reset their android device if they already have one then login the device with their own gmail account that is linked to your Google Family Link.
  5. If it is new device, make sure it is their gmail you use to activate the device.
  6. Immediately you carry out step 4 & 5 above, your phone will get a notification to allow them activate the device, this is the beginning of you taking control from anywhere.
  7. All adult content of any form will never load in their phone.
  8. They cannot install anything without your approval remotely from the Family Link.
  9. You can lock their device from anywhere.
  10. You can set a start and stop time for their device usage, the phone will lock when it gets to that time even if you forget.
  11. YouTube will not allow them see adult content too.
  12. There is also YKids, which is YouTube for Kids, I recommend you remove the normal YouTube and give them YKids.
  13. From your Google Family Link, you can see how long they stayed on each app or page to warn them where necessary.
  14. You will see as much as major details of the app.

Abydeen is the CEO of Investigation Media Limited, Publishers of Security Monitor and he could be reached through walepress@yahoo.com

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