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ENetSuD Asks NCAM to Explain Spendings on Year 2020 Kwara Projects


A civil society group, Elite Network for Sustainable Development, ENetSuD has demanded an explanation into the financial expenditures of the National Center for Agricultural Mechanisation, NCAM.

The Freedom of Information (FOI) letter submitted yesterday (1st February, 2022), the projects listed by ENetSuD for financial and technical information from NCAM include:

1. Provision of Solar Energy as Alternative Power Source of Electricity Supply (ERGP10111604).

2. Popularization and Extension of NCAM Proven Technologies such as Rice Threshers, Multi-Crop Threshers and Hand-Held Rice Reapers (ERGP1100769).

3. Provision of Materials for the Fabrication of Agricultural Mechanization Technologies Emanating from Relevant Research and Development Activities (ERGP30100764).

4. Skill Acquisition and Empowerment Training for Youth in Fabrication Techniques (ERGP30138041).

5. Manpower/Human Capital Development (ERGP30138042).

6. Training and Capacity Building for Tractor Operators and Mechanics for Enhanced Professional Service Delivery (ERGP5100767)

7. Popularization of the Japanese Sawah Rice Technology Management for Improve Rice Planting and Increase Yield in Rice Producing Communities for Assured Food Security (ERGP8100755).

8. Upgrading of Integrated Farming Complex for Training and Empowerment of Youth and Women in Agriculture (ERGP8138078).

9. Integrated Entrepreneurship Training for Youths and Women in Agriculture (ERGP8138083).

10. Construction and Equipping of Cassava and Rice Processing Sheds (ERGP8138084).

11. Empowerment of Youth and Women in Selected Locations (ERGP99145199).

12. Training and Empowerment of Farmers in Dry Season Production to Reduce Losses as a Result of Flooding. (ERGP97149291)

13. Procurement/Supply of Agric Equipment as Social Cooperate Responsibility (ERGP22582182).

14. Provision and Installation of Solar Borehole in Ilorin East/Ilorin South Federal Constituency, Kwara State (2020ZIP0142).

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