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Alimosho Agog As ‘SIDOPHOBIA FAN’S CLUB’ Converge To Celebrates Their Annual Anniversary


By Olushola Akinyele | Lagos

Following the recent election that merged all Obesere lovers club together, the new executives, members and dignitaries converge in Alimosho, Lagos, has the Chapter ‘Sidophobia Fans Club’ held their yearly annual anniversary in a grand style. Fuji Icon, Alhaji Akande Abass Obesere, Agbaakin of Yorubaland gives a special anthem to celebrates his Fans.

For two years, there has been clamour for election to unite the fans club as one, eventually it took place has the election was free and fair and brought in members choice. Ademola Abudulahi as elected National President of Sidophobia Fans.

In his speech, Ademola Abudulahi said he’s main purpose it to unify all the Fans in Nigeria and Diaspora, added that Sidophobia fan’s club is the convergence of fans club of Alhaji Abass Obesere. Make it known that before now; Pk1 had various fans clubs – Iike Elewele Fans club, Oba Idan fans club etc .. But in order for collective purpose and uniformity, it was decided by the founder’s to merge all their Principal Fan’s club under a single umbrella,’ hence the birth of the ‘SIDOPHOBIA’ which has it representation of fans all over the world.

Ademola Abudulahi, National President of Sidophobia Fans Club.

“Part of my agenda is to setup empowerment scheme, it will help small scale and business owners amongst us to obtain soft loan as we intends to have Sidophobia cooperative organisation where all members can benefit. Ours is much more than a Social Club, it’s main objective is the welfare of its members, and the public at large. Our humanitarian service to the needees can never be emphasize as we plan to visit Correctional center, Hospital, and motherless babies home, has i urge all members to stand as one, lets work collectively to ensure success of the fan’s club.” Ademola Abudulahi said.

In a brief chat with the Fuji Icon, Alhaji Akande Abass Obesere, Agbaakin of Yorubaland and the Paramount King of music. Said he was born into a music family, has his paternal Uncle Alhaji Tantalowo was a musician in the days and worked has a contemporary to his friends, Alhaji Ayinla Omowura, Sikiru Ayinde Barrister and others.

Akande Abass Obesere journey into the music space, started while he was still in Saint Paul Primary School, proceeded to Secondary School Education at then Jubril Martins School 3 before it became Iporin Grammer School. “My Father was a prominent and educated politician who expected his male children to follow his path and get educated. When I started singing my father wasn’t pleased with it, I had to left home in pursuit of my music career,’ moved in with a friend who lived in a little room where he paid thirty naira monthly for house rent. I began with my studies, also combined with side hustle at a shopping mall, where I assist in sales or loading of drinks in Lagos. After awhile my friend relocated and I was saddled with responsibility of paying thirty naira monthly.”
He expresses his experience after came in contacts with Alhaji Ayuba Atanda, who does music jumb, and also Alhaji Aremu Ajisafe. One faithful day, at the jumb of Alhaji Aremu, at Mango spot , Ebute-Metta, Lagos. “ I fortunately called to briefly entertain the guest, the crowd chaired me so much and that heralded my music career.” He remained with them for about four years.
In 1984, his proffessional singing career started.
He made so much wave, to the earring of those who knew his parents, his Mother was adviced to prayed for him as singing seems to be his calling in life. It was a heart touching scene when his mother appeared, both shared tears of joy as she blessed and shower prayers upon him. Has his Father later came around.

Alhaji Akande Abass, Obesere reinstated his loved and cared for his parents,“ I bought two station wagon vehicle then, one for him and the other for his team – during his life time, he built his personal house. But i later renovated it and lavishly furnished.” Had finally built resting place in honour of my father; which was named as Ajalaru Memorial House. May Allah continue to grand him Alijonaa Fidau.

He prayed for the Lord’s blessing on the newly elected Sidophobia Fans Club Executives and his lovers over the world on their endless love shown to him at all time.

Ask about his stand on the forthcoming election in 2023.

“I urge Nigerians to come out in masses to observe their franchise at the forthcoming election, let vote right in 2023, failure to do so can lead us to another years of political astray.

CEO/MD Buruj Sports Academy, Dr. Salaudeen Waheed stated that sports and entertainment are intertwined.
Alhaji Akande Abass Obesere is the master mind behinds Buruj Sports Academy. This academy catches the Youth young and gives young Nigerians room to showcase their God given talent, the academy permits Secondary and Tertiary Education, where students can study and play football with flexible times table . A good number of students had gotten club placement in Europe and America, playing football and studying abroad, making waves and doing Nigeria proud. He added that Buruj Academy has acquired a three acres of Land in Ikorodu, for its Mini Stadium, this is a laudable action as practised in Europe and America where clubs have private stadium. Interested candidates are to look up the website: www.burujsportsacademy.com – to enroll has the academy is there to change lives, harness our Youth and give back to the society that made us.

Dr. Salaudeen Waheed, Buruji Sports Academy MD/CEO

“ I will advise the newly elected club executives to work on their compaign manifesto has members expectations is high to see Sidophobia Fans Club going higher.” Dr. Salaudeen Waheed said.

State Co-ordinator of Oyo State, Oluyole Akingoke, expects the best from the newly exco as he embrace the National President and others in Diaspora to work together in one voice as Sidophobia is the only fans club that has global membership.

Speaking with PRESSTV Correspondant, Obiajulu Uwadine Nio. Woman Leader of Sidophobia fans club, Nigerian chapter, Yetunde Ayanteju was excited about the outcome of the election, said the executives will move the club to greater and enviable heights.The Woman Leader is a goal getter who joined the fans club two years ago, promises to coordinate women Wings to the success of the club.

Yetunde Ayanteju, Woman Leaders of Sidophobia Fans Club

Electoral Chairman, Ibrahim Ridwan a.k.a Mogaji Aare of Sidophobi World wide. Enjoin the executives and members of fans club on their successfully conducted and by voting in the right man for the job.
He noted that, the election was freely conducted as members votes in their choices.“ Lets support the President elect and his team, I loved Obesere poetic song which heralded a new Era of music into Nigerian music space.” His expectations from the President elect is humongous, with lots of factions joined together.

Adekunle Abass (a.k.a New Era) is the Chairman of Ketu chapter, he’s thankfully and prayed for a successful tenure of the newly elected executives, said all executive members are people of great repute, accountable and highly capable. He expects the best to come from the dynamic executives and urges them to work in oneness of purpose.

Michael Odedola, deputy electoral chairman, who has been a member for three years – was ask on how to be a member of Sidophobia Fans Club, he said before someone can enroll to be a membership. He/She must have known much about Alhaji Akande Abass Obesere, his songs, dance steps and slangs over the years of existence as a Fuji Icon.“ I’m super excited for being part of Sidophobia fan’s club, My love for Agbaakin started when I attend Obsere’s Birthday at the Beach. I was still in secondary School – I got intrigued there and since then I can’t do without listening to his song’s which has resulted me to joining the Sidophobia fan’s club.”

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