African Boxing Ambassador, Nigeria’s Bashiru Lawrence Ali’s (OON) has said dream of becoming Guinness World Record Boxing Champion refuses to die.

“Many have given up on their dreams or even died with it, however, for Bash Ali, the man has remained on course until the mark is made.”

“There are many doubting Thomases, who have dismissed this dream with a wave of the hand, wondering if he wants to kill himself in the adventure. For those who want to listen to themselves speak on the initiative, they would prefer he is stopped in his tracks.”

Being a man of conviction that Bash is, he has said: I know that many people give up on their dreams and die with it but I am an EXTRAORDINARY MAN.

‘I will accomplish my dream and continue to fight till I am 70 years old, retire young and healthy with a lot of money and then go into politics and become the President of Nigeria’.

Many think he is on the path of damnation. But they do not know he has always been convinced beyond reasonable doubt of his capacity, capability and holding power in the game.

He has NEVER GIVEN UP ON HIS DREAM, neither has he ever GIVEN UP ON NIGERIA. His implicit faith in his capacity has never been in doubt; and that has remained incontrovertible.

It is annoying, some Nigerians have regrettablely curious opponents of anything good. They are supposed to support his ambition, but are strongly against it.

If Bash Ali were to be a white man living in the west, his dream and ambition would have seen the light of the day, despite the assertion of those against the dream.

Older persons desirous of fulfilling an ambition in the west and other saner climes, would have been supported without a second thought in order to rewrite boxing history.

Today, we are where we are and perhaps more shameful that dreams are hardly pursued on account of what people would say.

For those who do not believe, Champion Bash Ali will surely SHOCK the world by rewriting Boxing History and make all his fiercest CRITICS his most adored DISCIPLES.

You may do well to mark these words and get ready to be part of boxing HISTORY in the making. This has been a GOAL.

The initiative, if anyone cares to know has been privately driven. The Federal Government of Nigeria has NEVER given a KOBO since Champion Bash Ali embarked on the Guinness World Record Boxing Championship Fight initiative.

Rather, he has spent BILLIONS OF NAIRA of personal money. Anyone who doubts it is free to cross check.

We thought Bash Ali needs to be COMMENDED not CONDEMNED. But the choice is all yours to ast. You can bet AGAINST him on the fight night, but we dare say you will LOSE your money, because he is going to win.

The fact that Champion Bash Ali has continued to meet senior government officials and other critical stakeholders is to let the world know that he is ABLE to do it and CREATE history on his side.

The meeting was a moment for the World Boxing Federation (WBF) Cruiserweight champion, Bash Ali was to inform government that the proposed Guinness World Record boxing championship which is scheduled to hold for the first time on African soil, outside the United States is possible.

If you feel not perpetrated to the cause, there is something hanging out in the air: A chance to make HISTORY and place Nigeria’s Bash Ali in Guiness World Record beckons.

He is encouraged. It is on the way!

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