A human rights organization, the Center for Human Rights and Social Justice
(CHRSJ) has written a Petition Letter to the nations’ anti-graft bodies
over an alleged collection of sum of Seven Hundred Million Naira (N700,
000,000) from meager resources of Osun State illegally by the purported
occupier “Akesin-Ora”, one Mr. Samuel Idowu Oladoye, after September 1st,
1995 Supreme Court judgment which declared the title stool of Akesin-Ora as
null, void, illegal and unknown to the existing Ora-Igbomina Chieftaincy Laws.
Specifically, The Supreme Court gave an order by declaring on the
Ora-Igbomina Chieftaincy matter that Akesin should not be recognized as Oba
and not to talk of wearing beaded crown under the Chiefs Law of Osun State
in September 1st, 1995 and it also awarded cost of N1, 000 against “Akesin
Ora” then, for wasting the precious time of the Courts on frivolous
It would be recalled that Ora-Igbomina Obaship saga vis a vis disobedience
to the Supreme Court Judgments, has been in the news for a while now where
the Apex Court also declared in its ruling that Akesin was one of the
Chiefs of Oba Asaaoni and it could not change himself into wearing beaded
crown monarch overnight.
Meanwhile, a monarch in Osun State, the Owaloja of Kajola-Ajaba in Ila
Local government area of the State, His Royal Majesty,Oba (Dr.) Taiwo
Adesoji Ayeni,has challenged the State government, Ila Local
Government and Ila Traditional Council which
comprises of monarchs from Ila and Ifedayo local government areas of
the State,over continuous illegal payment of five percent allocation
to “Akesin-Ora” after the Supreme Court had nullified the Chieftaincy
title since September 1, 1995.
Oba (Dr.) Ayeni who claimed this through an application with a suit
No: HLR/2/19,
filled in Ila –Orangun Division of the State High court that the illegal
allocation to “Akesi-Ora” has drastically reduced the original amount to be
allocated to the authentic monarchs in the area.
According to CHRSJ in a Petition Letter dated February 3rd, 2020 and signed
by its Executive Chairman, Comrade Adeniyi, Alimi Sulaiman, which was
forwarded to the
authorities of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC) and
Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission
(ICPC),calling for thorough and credible investigation of alleged illegal
collection of sum of N700,000,000 by the purported claimant of
“Akesin-Ora”, Mr. Samuel Idowu Oladoye since September 1st,1995.
The group accused the occupier of illegal stool of Akesin-Ora, Mr. Samuel
Idowu Oladoye of obtaining sum through fraudulent means and urging the
anti-graft agencies to retrieve the illegal funds back to the pursue of the
State government for immediate sharing among the authentic monarchs of the
two local government areas of the State.
The Petition read in part, “We are compelled to write this Petition Letter
to the authorities of the anti-graft agencies in line with Section 15
sub-section 5 and 24(1e) of the Constitution and Freedom of Information Act
2011 and National Human rights Commission Act 2010(amendment) where freedom
of speech and expression are highlighted.
“Shortly before the handing over of power to the civilian government in
1979 in Oyo State (now- Osun State), the then Military Governor, Col. Paul
Tarfa discretionally granted wearing of beaded crown to Isaiah Olanipekun
as Akesin-Ora, making him another Oba when in actual fact, a full-time
fledged and crowned Oba, Asaooni of Ora-Igbomina was in place. The
situation then led to riot and unrest in the ancient town.
“On the arrival of Late Chief Bola Ige’s Government, a Judicial Commission
of Inquiry headed by Late Justice V.O.A. Aboderin was set up to investigate
into the matter. The report of the inquiry was made known to the public by
declaring the wearing of beaded crown by the Akesin of Ora as illegal and
negated the old traditional norms.
“Akesin-Ora challenged the then Oyo (now Osun) State Government in the High
Court. The matter went to Ibadan Court of Appeal and ultimately ended in
the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court delivered its judgment in favour of
Asaooni on the 1st day of September, 1995, thereby upholding the Report of
Aboderin Judicial Commission of Inquiry which declared Asaoni as the only
recognized and beaded crown Oba of Ora-Igbomina kingdom”.
The Petition further read:”The Constitution is Supreme, not only when
another law seeks to compete with it in an area already covered by the
Constitution.The Governor of Osun State or any Government at all is not
given power to do a thing or act that is inconsistent with and violently in
contradiction to the express words of the Constitution.
“The law is settled that the parties as well as the Court are bound by the
Provision of the Constitution. The law is that when an act is void, it is
void altogether and nothing can be placed on it. Thus, the continuous stay
of the deposed “Akesin of Ora-Igbomina as he then was, is not only an
affront against the Supremacy of the Supreme Court itself for almost 25
years now but also against the Section 235 & 287 of the 1999
Constitution of the
Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended).

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