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China Blasts America: “Stop Wasting Your Time On COVID-19 Attacks” Work With Us To Combat It


Chinese government’s top diplomat, Wang Yi has blasted the U.S. to stop wasting time in its fight against the COVID-19 and work with China to combat it, rather than spreading lies and attacking the country.

This is as Sino-U.S. frosty relationship continues to slide since the outbreak of the new coronavirus, with the administrations of President Donald Trump and President Xi Jinping repeatedly trading words over issues relating to the pandemic, with U.S. accusing China of cover-ups and lack of transparency.

The two top economies have also clashed over Hong Kong, human rights, trade and the U.S. support for Chinese-claimed Taiwan.

State Councillor Wang, speaking at the annual news conference on the sidelines of China’s parliament, expressed his deep sympathies to the U.S. for the pandemic, where the death toll is expected to surpass 100,000 in the coming days, the highest by any country.

“Regretfully, in addition to the raging coronavirus, a political virus is also spreading in the U.S.

“This political virus is using every opportunity to attack and smear China,’’ said Wang, who is also China’s Foreign Minister.

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