Zulaihat Ibrahim, known Zeepreety came into Kannywood few years ago and within a short period of time, became an instant celebrity because of her prolific acting skills and stylish dancing steps.

 Zeepreety who hailed from Zuru in Kebbi State is also easy going and a tall pretty lady that can easily find her way in whatever circumstances she was engaged. This is one reason why she became successful within a short period of time in Kannywood as she interprets scripts very well dances very well and also relates very well with other actors and actresses on stage.

 Just before the advent of the so called Coronavirus or COVID-19 this popular comedian disappeared from Kano and this created lots of tension and anxiety within the industry and among her fans. Some were alleging that she contracted a deadly disease and had to run to her village for fear of embarrassment, while others close to her were alleging that she was bewitched with a powerful juju (voodoo) and she had to run to Zuru for traditional medicine.

 Our correspondent two weeks ago was able to reach her through a phone call, in fact, before then, she was completely out of communication and even her comedy programs on Social media completely disappeared, but last week, luckily for us, we got her for an interview conducted by Aliyu Askira, our Northern Bureau Chief.

 It has been long that we have been trying to get you on phone to no avail. Also, your comedy programs that normally appeared on Social Media was conspicuously absent.  What actually happened?

It is true, I have been home meaning I have been in Zuru for a very long time, not even in Zuru but in my village where I was born but still in Zuru Local Government. I also deliberately cut – off all communications with my friends and colleagues in Kannywood.

It was when you did a comedy program on the controversial coronavirus which was given wide space in the Social Media that we noticed somewhere along the line you are back into the industry?

I have been sick for a very long time, even before the Corona issue came up. I quickly rushed to my village in Zuru Local Government, Kebbi State for local treatment.  Thank God when I started recovering, I composed the corona program and gave it to several social media bloggers.

And when it was aired, people knew instantly that I have recovered, and nobody actually paid me for the program but it was widely accepted because thousands of people viewed it and as you are aware, that has fetched me lots of fortune and also made me popular.

If you recovered fully, are you coming back to the industry or you will settle down and be a housewife?

I have a very tall ambition to be a successful actress, and I have partially achieve that. I also intend going back to school to further my education. My comedy program will also continue to appear on Social Media, especially on instagram, facebook and youtube, but most importantly, I will return to active acting and production. I am thinking of registering my own company, Zeepreety Multimedia, it will be multi-purpose which will handle film production, online publications, acting, modeling, fashion design and host of others.

Are you into any relationship presently?

I am not only into relationship, I have honestly lost count of people interested in dating me. Some are even ready to marry me immediately, I say yes to them as an answer.  So, to say I am into a relationship is an understatement, but if I am to be specific, yes I have a boyfriend but we are into platonic relationship, I am sure you know what I mean.

Is it true that because of your rising profile, your enemies actually try to kill you through voodo means? 

Yes, it is possible, in fact some of my close friends are the ones that advise me to go to the village and treat myself locally because the nature of my sickness is not for modern medicine. I may therefore believe they alleged attempt to kill me through Juju, but as a practicing Muslim, I don’t believe that somebody can kill me through Juju.

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