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American Internet Business School Organizes Free Digital Workshop For Nigerian Showbiz Practitioners ~ The Press Tv


By Hamzat – The American Internet Business School has announced a free 7-day digital workshop for Nigerian entertainment practitioners aiming to share business strategies and help to create sustainable multiple income for their brands.

Speaking from his United States base on Friday, Dr. Ope Banwo, the founder/CEO of American Internet Business School, stated that the programme is part of a digital business empowerment and awareness initiative for growing the Nigerian entertainment industry, adding that it would help practitioners understand how they can generate extra incomes from their talents, artistic catalogue and huge fanbase without huge investment of capital, technical skills or digital business experience.

“While most serious creative artistes, entertainers and executives do have some impressive presence online, they have barely scratched the surface of the amazing potentials of the internet to multiply the returns on their creative assets and brands and create sustainable levels of income that will far outlast their active days as creative artistes. So, the business survival workshop was designed complete with real time case studies of how some of the strategies have been successfully applied in the global marketplace, and will provide simple step-by-step blueprint that creative artistes, actors, actresses, musicians, comedians, producers and entertainment executives can follow via the internet to create multiple income streams for themselves from their talents, catalogues, brands and fanbase,” Dr. Banwo pointed out.

Banwo expressed further that the free 7-day digital income survival workshop slated to hold between Monday 29th of June and Saturday 4th of July, 2020, is first of its kind special post-Covid-19 economic survival palliative programme to provide the much needed strategies for digital monetization to highly resourceful and talented members of the entertainment industry, while urging interested participants to find out more about the free workshop at: www.AibsOnline.com/nolly.

Topics that would be discussed during the programme, according to Banwo, include,
‘Affiliated Marketing Income Stream for Creative Industry’, a blueprint for using social influence, brand and following to generate affiliate marketing income online with other people’s products. Day two will cover ‘Info-Marketing Income Stream for Entertainers’ meant to create profits with brands and creative skills as well as launching info-marketing products. Day three will discuss ‘Freelancing Income Stream for Creative Artistes, which focuses on how to sell creative skills and services online for massive incomes for professional creative artistes in the global freelancing marketplace.

Also, to be discussed is ‘Celebrity Dropshipping Income Stream’. This focuses on how to create a sustainable commercial line of client celebrity-themed products in 30 days or less with dropshipping without putting personal funds at risk, no investment, no inventory or distribution challenges. Day five will discuss ‘Celebrity Membership Sites Income Stream’, aiming to teach how to create and sustain recurring income stream as a creative artiste with valued-added membership sites for fans and brands.

The topic for Day six is ‘Social Media Income Stream for Entertainers’. This is said to be discussing simple strategies for turning social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter into bigger, more consistent and more sustainable income generation avenues.

According to Nancy Hicks, the training director at the American Internet Business School, “every day, for three hours, Dr. Banwo and his team of internet business experts will be breaking down one digital business income stream specific to the entertainment industry and providing attendees with the blueprint on how they can get started in monetizing their skills, creative assets and fanbase as entertainers or entertainment executives, while we would also be giving out free copies of the latest best selling book by Dr. Banwo on ‘Digital Business Survival For The Entertainment Industry’ to early attendees.”

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