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RESTRUCTURING AGITATION: We’ll call for Oodua Republic …..COSEG – The Press Tv


The convocation of a sovereign national conference has been described as panacea to the myriad of problem plaguing the country or else a restructured Nigeria where Oodua republic will be on its own.

This call was made
Coalition Of Oodua Self Determination group (COSEG) in a press Statement issued on Monday in Lagos , signed by comrades  Dayo Ogunlana and Dele Daramola the chairman and publicity  Secretary of the group’s Cordinating Committee, clarified its stand on the persistent call for Oodua republic by clearly supporting the call in the midst of a troubled and a  restructured  Nigeria with clear case of constitutional lopsidedness and rigidity of the leaders in convocation of a soverign Conference.

According to COSEG” we have been  persistently called upon to lay our stand on the call of Oodua republic more especially  at the roaring protest planned by some groups for October 1st. We wish to clearly state that, though we are not part of the organizers of the October 1 St protest  but  we support the Clarion call for Oodua republic and  also affirm that we will always support this call at any time most especially when our call for convocation of soverign National conference has not be heeded to”

However, the group maintained that they will not support a violent protest on this demand clarifying that a peaceful demand without bloodletting should be encouraged  while calling on the organizers of the October ist Oodua republic rally to count on their support, insisting that has been the wish of all genuine Yoruba men and women. 
” the call for Oodua republic has been the wish of genuine Yoruba sons and daughters more especially when Nigeria leaders are massively looting the resources of the country,when poverty is on the increase, when our constitution is being applied unlawfully, when agony  and mystery are just too much”

The group called on all to  discountanance  any statement purported to be written or issued by any group or people purporting to be  COSEG.

Furthermore the group said”  our support and demand for Oodua republic is sacrosanct and we wish to inform all to discountanance any statement to be issued or being issued by any other people masquerading as Coseg leaders who are bent on causing instability in yorubaland. Our stand is firm, but our ways of pushing our cause is very different but resolute and will be relayed soon but we must state once more that though we are not part of the organizers of the October 1st pro Oodua republic rally, but we soldarise with the organisers as thier protest is genuine while we shall soon publish our own road map and strategy to the Clarion call if our demands are not met. 

Let’s say  for the umpteenth times inform that the Dayo Ogunlana led leadership has not changed and nobody  will be allowed to change our stand ,as this is the essence of the  establishment of the group. Yoruba interest is our interest and it is sacrosanct we promote such interest. This is the contract between COSEG and the yoruba populace.

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