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Scientist Warned: Stop Eating Late at Night – Causes Acid Reflux and Heartburns ~ PressTV


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Scientists have warned that eating late at night could result in one developing one of these deadly diseases.

“Scientists have found that night eaters consume more than 50% of their daily calories after 8 p.m. For many nighttime eaters, weight challenges would be solved if they could simply stop eating at night”

There’s a lot of science on the subject, too. As early as 1955, a University of Pennsylvania psychiatrist named Albert Stunkard first described a behavior called nighttime eating syndrome.

In more recent years, notably a 1999 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, scientists found that night eaters consumed more than 50% of their daily calories between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m, while a control group ate only 15% of their daily calories during those hours.

But as yet, unfortunately, there are no solid solutions.

Causes are also tough to pin down. Some studies point to stress; others, depression; still others, hormonal imbalances.

The habit of eating late at night has been condemned by experts.

If you’re hungry, enjoy a healthy snack in the evening to help you avoid binge eating.

Experts warned that eating late particularly at night could result in the food not digesting properly.

When that happens, the person’s health is badly affected.

So, to avoid having bad health because of eating late in the night, the Doctor advised that the meal should be kept for breakfast.

According to a Nigerian doctor with the Twitter handle @firstdoctorr, “Eating late at night can cause acid reflux and heartburns, raises blood sugar levels, raises your risk of having heart diseases and raises your chances of having obesity (pot belly)”.

Then, he warned, “Stop eating late. Keep it for breakfast”.

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