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Unlawful Detention: CACOBAG Frowns At NPF Over Denying Comrade Olarenwaju Suraj Of His Fundamental Human Right – Demands For Apology and Compensation ~ PressTv


Coalition Against Corruption and Bad Governance CACOBAG frowns at the illegal detention of an International Frontliner in the Anti Corruption Crusade and Chairman of Civil Society Network Against Corruption CSNAC, Comrade Olanrewaju Suraj.

It’s disheartening and embarrassing that Nigerian Police Force could take law into it’s hands by detaining a law abiding and patriotic Nigerian without investigation based on the petition of a suspected corrupt element ,Mr Adoke, a former Attorney General of the federation.
By virtue of the Police Act, the Police are expected to investigate crimes and petitions it received. It does not have power to detain people arbitrarily.
Unlawful detention of Comrade Suraj is not only condemnable but also portrays the Nigeria Police Force as an agency of the government that detest collaboration and support of the people , most especially civil society practitioners who are invariably important allies in the fight against crimes.
1999 Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria as altered is very emphatic when it declares in Section 24(e ) “Citizens shall render assistance to appropriate and lawful agencies in the maintenance of law and order “.
How does the Police expect Nigerians to collaborate if what the agency does is to detain patriotic citizens without investigation?

As far as malabu scandal is concerned, the role played by Comrade Suraj to ensure justice is done can not be over emphasised.
We at CACOBAG wonders if Nigeria Police Force knows how many Nigerians $1.1 billion could bring out of poverty if it did not end up in the pockets of some individuals.

We at CACOBAG expect Mr Adoke as a lawyer to approach the court to prove his innocence if he had no hand in the malabu scandal. If for any reason he feels anyone is dragging his name in the mud, why did he not approach the court as well?
His petition against Comrade Suraj could only be likened to a child fidgeting with his or her pencil. Or is it a case of the “guilty are afraid” as James Hardley Chase titled one of his novels ?
His petition is better written against all the leaders of Anti Corruption Groups in Nigeria and beyond. We are all united as far as malabu scandal is concerned.
The malabu scandal is known all over the world and the facts are there.
While calling on Mr Rasheed Bawa , EFCC Chairman not to keep mute on this issue, we at CACOBAG condemn unequivocally the unlawful detention of Comrade Suraj and demand that the Police should immediately apologise to Comrade Suraj in person and to the public as well.
The detention is an embarrassment to us as Nigerians and ridicules us among comiy of Nations.
What does it portend if an anti corruption crusader is detained based on the petition of a suspected corrupt element without proper investigation?

The Police should not allow itself to be used to gag anti corruption leaders that are struggling to put an end to corrupt practices that brought this country to this present state. In any case,no intimidation or harrassment can stop us from forging ahead in the fight against Corruption and crimes.

Nigeria Police Force must immediately apologise for the unlawful detention of Comrade Olanrewaju Suraj and compensate him for the infringement of his fundamental human rights.

Without mincing words,Comrade Olanrewaju Suraj is an impetus in the fight against corruption in Nigeria. He is one of the most credible comrades in the civil society practice that has risen to his present position by the dint of hardwork and credibility. Therefore, nobody, not even Adoke can discredit and impugn his credibility.

All corrupt elements in Nigeria must know Nigeria is no longer a safe haven for them.
The fight to free Nigeria from corrupt elements and every act of corruption has just begun.

Toyin Raheem
Chairman CACOBAG

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