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SECURITY SITUATIONS KEEP GETTING WORSE: Dr. Godwin Maduka suggests ways out of this menace By Chioma Chukwunekeh


National security is an important aspect for any nation to grow and for development to take place there is the need for peace and security. This will attract both local and foreign investors to boost the country’s economic growth and also attract meaningful development.

The value of human life is on the decline, Nigeria as a country is faced with insecurity which includes kidnapping, drug trafficking, human trafficking, killings, arson, illegal entry from our borders, smuggling of arms and ammunition, ethno-religious crisis, political crisis etc.

Recently, the South East has witnessed series of breakdown of peace and intense insecurity caused by unknown gun men. In Awka Anambra state, there has been cult clashes and killing of youths in their prime… armed robbery is also on the rise, residents in Anambra, especially Awka no longer enjoy their sleep.

Evidently, the presidency and State Govenors must rise to the task to nip insecurity in the bud… According to section 12 (2b) of the Nigeria constitution, security and welfare of the people is the primary purpose of government.

Despite the challenges posed by insecurity in Anambra State, Dr. Godwin Maduka believes there is a way out.

“In an effort to ensure and sustain better security in Anambra State, my administration will boost the remuneration and welfare packages of the security agencies in Anambra State,renovate and build new barracks for all the security agencies.

Moreso, I will institute regular professional development and training programmes for our security agents so they can be up to date in modern techniques of law enforcement.

Furthermore, there’s need to deploy land and air surveillance system in order to prevent and curtail crime. The state government and the security outfits will collaborate with the judiciary to consolidate on the laws on the ground to enable fair hearing and fast trial”

Okosisi suggests the need for the government and it’s security outfits to work in collaboration with traditional rulers and president generals of the communities in the state, because most communities have their local vigilantes. He said “with good communication and cooperation the parties involved will ensure that lives and properties are secured and the rule of law obeyed”

He also emphasized the need for provision of employment for the unemployed, especially the youths, social welfare services and massive engagement of the faith based organization to reorientate the minds of the youth against vices.

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