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CP Hakeem Odumosu’s IPOB Attack “Gospel” And Its Rejection By Lagosians By Bolaji O. Akinyemi


The word gospel though synonymous with the Christian faith and the commission of Christ to evangelise the world, in the Greek language the word simply means to bring glad tidings, or generally speaking, to give a good news.

Lately, Nigerians have been overwhelmed with many “good news” particularly from our government and its agencies. Not too long ago we woke up to the news of a serving minister’s sympathy for terrorists and terrorism. Should we ignore the “good news” of unknown persons who are with gun, but are men, yet, UNKNOWN? Or the “good news” of combined efforts of our armed robbery “heros” past; of Aninih, Oyenusi, Shina Rambo and their likes who from their graves came to invade our seat of power? For it must take ghost robbers alone to beat the security network of the Villa! Or the good news of gallant OPC 4, men- who courageously arrested Wakilu, (a trouble maker and serial killer who had turned many South-West indigenes to refugees in their own land) and handed him over to the Police only for these OPC 4 to be re-arrested by orders from above?

The name Odumosu is a reminder of a gospel merchant whose wares were rejected by his tribesmen, the Yorubas. It made no news therefore that the sophisticated Yoruba people will rise to challenge the source of Odumosu’s intelligence gathering, requesting of him to stay focused on the known calamities that APC hired election machineries (according to Baraje) has become in Nigeria forests and leave the UNKNOWN till it is known.

Emmanuel Odumosu was said to hail from Ijebu Igbo. His father was an herbalist specialising in cure for mentally deranged persons. This, history recorded he did effortlessly with the aid of a cane, with which he beats the mentally sick to calm to gain control of them at their moment of violence. The transformation of this herbalist’s son to a “pastor” was suspicious and so his gospel was held at arm’s length.

CP Hakeem Odumosu has put in 31years to the service of the Nigerian Police. A gallant officer with many laurels to show for it. His last posting as Commisioner of Police in Edo State, became a concern to many as their Governorship election was approaching in 2020 because of his link with Lagos. Unlike Emmanuel, Odumosu’s “father” figure is not biological, but in every sense a godfather with interest in his “son’s” career in the police. His link and deep working relationship with Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu whose “gospel” of the kingdom of Nigeria 2023 has no room for consideration of our insecurity is of public knowledge. The disrespect with which this ambition is being pursued against the Igbo is also in the public domain. The imposition by the judiciary of a hopeless Hope on a South East State many people have seen as a mastermind of strange hands.

Odumosu’s fraternal relationship with Asiwaju dates back to his days as the orderly to the then Governor of Lagos State. He later held juicy security/political operational positions in the service of Lagos State. He was Chairman Lagos State Task Force on Environmental and Special Offences, Governor’s Office. He also served as Commander Rapid Response Squad, of the Lagos Police Command, Governor’s Office.

So when Odumosu Hakeem came to town with his informed intelligence that the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB were planning to attack Lagos, his gospel became a Jesus of Oyingbo gospel to the hearing of many Lagosians. The question on the lips of Lagosians is: where is the attack targeted? Is it the Ladipo auto spare parts or idumota or Alaba International markets where the Igbos are making their money and helping Lagos to remain African economic force? Could the attack be planned for Okota and other Igbo dominated residential areas where the Igbos were stopped from voting? Not by the Aworis whose voice the “owner” of Lagos was drowned but by the Alaye boys whose presence are not limited to the streets but are everywhere serving the interest of their Baba Alaye.

The strategic position of Lagos and sensitive nature of ethnic tensions in the country shouldn’t accommodate harbingers of “good news” like that of Odumosu’s. That a news is good doesn’t make it true. What Nigerians need now are not conjectures played by hired pipers into melodious political narratives to suit their benefactors. What we need is the truth and nothing but the truth.

The suspicion of Odumosu will be an asset to the Buhari led administration’s fight against the IPOB agitation for the Biafran nation and the attendant violent consequences in Imo state. I will therefore advice Usman Alkali Baba the new IGP, acting, to immediately post Odumosu whose uncommon grace of sniffing attacks and the groups behind the could help the IGP have back his land of nativity, or to Imo state, where he will be very useful at stopping those alleged trucks of arms loading in Lagos from discharging in Owerri. And may be, just may be, his resumption in Imo will lay to rest the identity of the unknown persons with guns (they may be women after all). Good luck to him in advance at his next duty post.

Dr. Bolaji Akinyemi is the Convener of Apostolic Round Table.

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