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By Bolaji O. Akinyemi.

Professor Ishaq Akintola has enjoyed monopoly of caustic thoughts, violent inciting expressions in vulgarity unbecoming of a 21st Century society! It is no longer news that Lagos has been taken over by fundamentalists of Akintola’s brotherhood whose view of Government he represents. May be Akintola should confirm to us if indeed we have a Sharia Court at Ifako Ijaiye Local Government Area as presently being alleged courtesy of the influence of his Muslim brother and the Speaker of Lagos State House of Assembly, RT Hon. Mudashiru Obasa, whose review of the law of Lagos State enabled such!

To refer to Akintola’s views as representing “An Islamic human rights group”, is to insult Islam being a religion of peace!

There has never been anything promoting peace in his views, just Google his name and check his views. His views had often been left unattended to because silence is the best answer for his likes!

Moreover, there is absolutely no need to dignify debased reasonings in a modern society!

If Muslims in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole know what is good for them, then this Jihad ideologist should be called to order!

Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), is far from being a group representing Islam. MURIC is all about Ishaq Akintola and the views of his paymasters whoever they are in Lagos, Nigeria or other nations who are hell bent on Islamizing Lagos and has strategically positioned him at Lagos State University, (now Lateef Jakande University) using him to de-stabilise the peace of Lagos and Nigeria by extension!

How can a man be referred to as a group? MURIC is Ishaq Akintola, he is all to it and all about it!

Akintola, on the 5th of November 2021, through a press release, on behalf of his one man Group, MURIC, claimed that the rejection of a Muslim engineer who went for a job at the site of the collapsed 21-storey building on Gerrard Street, Ikoyi, Lagos but was rejected by the developer on account of his faith is a strong evidence of the alienation of Muslims in Yorubaland! How?

Ishaq Akintola berated his learning when he used such isolated case to draw his conclusions!
I would have expected him to reach out to his Muslim brother, Hakeem Muri-Okunola to provide him the statistics of Lagos State Civil Service, so the world can appreciate the dominance of the service by Muslims and the needless hew cry of Akintola!

I must appreciate Sikiru Adebowale, the Engineer who went on interview at the collapse building and left barely an hour before the building went down, for his maturity. I was forced to look for the video of him that Akintola based his vituperations upon. There was nothing lacking decorum in his manners. He stated his disappointments and even offered how best he felt the deceased Mr Femi Osibona should have approached the issue! Unfortunately, the view of Mr Femi on this can no longer be available. May God rest his soul!

However, he was a private employer who is entitled to setting parameters for employment services suitable to him in his organisation! He is not the government of Lagos State, not an official of Christian Association of Nigeria or a representative of Afenifere or Oduduwa Nation! Ishaq Akintola’s conclusion is mischievous, a figement of his very wild imaginations!

According to Sikiru Adebowale, Femi Osibona asked him which church he was attending. How are we sure even though he is a Christian, if he would have been offered the job if his denomination is not same with Mr Femi Osibona’s?

“A video clip on You Tube has featured a certain Sikiru Adebowale who claimed to have gone for a job interview with the developer of the 21-storey building on Gerrard Street, Ikoyi, Lagos which collapsed on Wednesday, 2nd November, 2021. Mr. Sikiru Adebowale, a Muslim, told viewers that the developer refused to employ him because he is a Muslim!

“Expectedly, the video has gone viral! But despite the fact that millions of Nigerians have viewed the video clip, we in MURIC suspect that few people will comprehend the implications therein. Of course we as an Islamic human rights organisation must not lose sight of one salient point which is inherent in the revelation”.

Who are the “we” of MURIC that Ishaq Akintola referred to, obviously the civilised Engineer Sikiru Adebowale is not one of his members! It is about time that the secret faces behind MURIC should come public if indeed there is a group anywhere by that name. Ishaq Akintola should publish the names of such persons and the minutes of their last meeting if he hopes to be taken serious!

Akintola further stated, “We urge those who do not believe us to review the video clip and listen to Mr. Sikiru Adebowale.”

I will encourage all peace loving people, Muslims, Christians, Traditionalists even Atheists read Ishaq Akintola’s press release and watch the video like he asked us to, no one in their right minds will agree with the mischief Akintola is trying to make an issue!

Akintola is nothing but a bigot planted and being sponsored by those who are angry with modest practice of Islam among the Yorubas as seen in places like United Arab Emirates. A paid agent of those who must destabilise Yoruba nation for their winner takes it all brand of Islam! If Akintola is angry with the loving culture of the Omoluabi people of South West Nigeria, he is at liberty to seek another tribe and nationality for himself among sympathisers. The Yorubas are loving people and nothing will make us hate mongers!

I will sincerely call on Lagos State Government and the Federal Government of Nigeria to have MURIC thoroughly investigated to know those who are behind this extreme views promoting organization and their link with international Terrorist and terror funding organization.

This was how Boko Haram started with anti social ideology! A stitch in time they say saves nine, Lagosians and Nigerians must be saved from the nuisance that Ishaq and his one man Jihad ideology is becoming to Lagosians and Nigerians, home and abroad!

Dr Bolaji O Akinyemi is the Convener Apostolic Round Table, a project of Voice Of His Word Ministries.

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