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CAIDOV Lauds NDLEA Boss, Marwa on Fight Against Drug


A non governmental organisation, Centre Against Injustice and Domestic Violence (CAIDOV) has lauded the exploits of the Director General of the National Drug Law and Enforcement Agency, (NDLEA), Brig. General Buba Marwa on his no nonsense approach in apprehending drug peddlers in the country.

Executive Director of CAIDOV, Mr Gbenga Soloki, said the succeses made by the Marwa’s administration as head of the anti drug agency in taking the fight to the homes of the drug cartels is commendable and deserves praising.

Comrade Soloki said the former Lagos state administrator was not a disappointment in fighting the menace of drug peddling and that he has displayed uncommon courage and resilience.

The group spoke on the grounds of recent arrest of drug cartels at airports, ports and other high places in the country.

A recent arrest made by the NDLEA where 22,160kg of codine, Metuh Loud were seized in Lagos Seaport and Mushin, Lagos raids among other success stories in the fight against drug barons.

He said; “”We must commend the Chairman and Chief Executive of the NDLEA for his exploits in the fight against drug cartels. We know his doggedness has made the success so far possible, we can only wish him more successes in the fight to sanitise our society and make it a drug free one. Just like the saying, the reward of hard work is more work, we implore the Executive Director not to relent effort, because the cartels can restrategise to launch their sinister moves again.”

Finally,we wish to enjoin all other agencies of God to take a cue from the gallantry being put to use by Brig. Gen Marwa,while promising to continue to support the agency in the fight against illegal drugs.

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