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The Nigerrian Senate on Tuesday passed the bill establishing the National Unity and peace corps to enhance security and great job opportunities for the teeming Nigerrian Youths.

The passed of the bill followed the consideration and adoption of the reports by the Senate committee on interior.Reacting on the passage of the bill, the Commandant General of National Unity and peace corps, Dr. Chinedu Nneji commended the Senate for the consideration of the bill which he said was long over due saying that the corps would facilitate peace, Volunteerism, community services, Neighbourhood watch and National building. He remarked that the National Unity and peace corps would train the yourths to advance the course of peace building and conflict resolution and mediation among Waring communities in the country.

The bill seeks to give legal backing to the establishment of the peace corps as a government parastatal and allows it’s members to be absorbed into the proposed organisation at commencement.

Dr. Nneji however thanked thousands of the volunteer staff who have been steadfast in the discharge of their duties despite all odds which he said led to the success of the bill and urged them to put more efforts an resilience especially now that the job is coming to full blown force. He enjoined Nigerians to continue to support the National Unity and peace corps for it to achieve it’s set objectives.

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