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Hospitality: Nestlé Partners Wavecrest College of Hospitality to Equip Young Chefs, Professionals.


Nestlé Professional Nigeria is collaborating with Wavecrest College of Hospitality
in Lagos to help nurture upcoming chefs and hospitality professionals. The
collaboration will offer the students of Wavecrest College of Hospitality the
opportunity to learn from experts at the leading nutrition, health and wellness
company in the world.

Speaking on the collaboration, the Corporate Communications and Public Affairs
Manager, Nestlé Nigeria PLC, Victoria Uwadoka said “It is evident that young chefs and
hospitality professionals own the future of the food and hospitality industry in Nigeria.
We are therefore excited about this collaboration with Wavecrest to further expose  them to the extensive career possibilities in the hospitality industry. Students at Wavecrest will be able to learn and apply Nestlé’s expertise in Nutrition, Health, and Wellness – developed over more than 150 years – to help individuals and families live happier, healthier lives.”

“This collaboration creates an opportunity for Nestlé Professionals to offer food
solutions and practical knowledge that will help the students appreciate what is
possible with food and nutrition. We will also provide the opportunity to expose
them to our world class facilities. We are confident that the experience will form
a strong foundation for the future careers of these young students.”

Also speaking at the event, the provost of Wavecrest School of Hospitality, Ms.
Rosana Forsuelo said “I am very optimistic in forging this collaboration with
Nestlé Professional, a division of Nestlé, a global industry in food and beveragededicated to enhancing quality life and healthier future. With its 40 years of
experience, Wavecrest has been at the forefront of promoting training &
education in culinary and hospitality. With the current needs of our country, we
must work together to empower the girl-child to gain access to education,
employment and economic independence., This is therefore a critical focus area
for us at Wavecrest”.

“With Nestlé Professional sharing their expertise, world-class facilities and
extensive resources, we will be able to enhance the quality of our training to
“global standards”, develop best practices, and provide relevant skills, to the
future workforce of Nigeria.”

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