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WBDD 2023: Experts Encourages Healthy Individuals To Participate, Donate Blood Regularly To Induce Timely Treatment and Save Lives


By Obiajulu Uwadone Nio

In line with the annual celebration of World Blood Donor Day, WBDD, this day has been designated as an annual event by World Health Assembly in 2005 .

June 14 is a day singled out to Celebrate Voluntary Blood Donors round the World for the gift of donating Blood.

Every single donation is a precious and life saving gift and repeat voluntary donation is the key to building a safe and sustainable blood supply.

The slogan for 2023 WBDD Campaign is ,Give Blood , Give Plasma,Share life and Share often , with the focus on patients in need of regular blood support

This also highlights the importance of giving blood or plasma regularly to create Regular and Sustainable Blood and Blood Products supply.

In an interview with the Chairperson, World Blood Donor Day, Lagos University Teaching Hospital Chapter, LUTH ,in person of Mrs Shobayo Olayinka who is also the Assistant Director of Medical laboratory Services, LUTH.

In accordance with this year’s celebration , Mrs Shobayo informed us of the significance of WBDD celebration, she said it’s to create awareness and the celebrate regular voluntary donors..

She went further to say that this year’s activity was packed with fun filled activities . Which started at the beach,awareness campaign was carried out, seminar held, there was interactive section as well, health talk,. In her words, there was an impressive turn out and donors were gotten from the awareness campaign.

Lastly she said Voluntary blood donors are given donor cards which can be tendered at general hospitals for blood.

Mrs Oyelaran Bankole, founder of I AM ALIVE FOUNDATION in an interview told us that the foundation was born out of the love and support shown to her spouse Mr Bankole, it was an overwhelming show of love and support with donations of Blood Plasma which birthed the foundation. Though he did not make it.

In the 50th posthumous birthday of Mr Bankole the foundation recruited fifty voluntary blood donors and this has been a regular practice.

In a conversation with voluntary donor , Taiwo Olutola who has been donating for twelve years, awareness campaign was carried out in her church and she joined , she expressed the joy she experiences after donating blood , it’s completely out of this world.

A universal blood donor Edna Abanum said donating blood is a calling for her, knowing that she is helping to save lives..

Remember this year’s slogan, remember to voluntarily donate blood.

Give Blood

Give Plasma

Share Life

Share Often

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