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Nigerians Are Facing Hardship -Tosin Akinola Rubishes FG On June 12 Celebration ~ PressTv


By Temitope Idowu

…..June 12 celebration is a waste of valuable resources “Akinola Tosin nailed Nigeria government.”

In a chat with the PressTv correspondent, the fast raising actress, also freelance writer at The sun news paper – Akinola Tosin Mopelola “Unstoppable” who granduated from osun state college of technology Esa Oke, studies Banking and finance, then proceed to Ajayi Crowther University Oyo, were she optained certificate in cinematography and film study.

“June 12 celebration is a waste of valuable resources, to me the people are complain about the basic needs of life and the government is celebrating democracy day. “What will be a celebration with the people who faces hardship and gun men attacks – Has Nigeria government called it.

“No wonder many people did not believe in one Nigeria anymore, if truly we really want Naija to be good, some bad eggs needs to be flush out.

“My country Naija, Why is it that a day to June12 – NASS and other bodies had to cancelled the protest schedule to June 12 – claiming that it was cancelled due to the fear of political thugs not to hijacked it.
However, looking at what is happening in this country now; this is the time we all supposed to come out massively to fight for our right, to save our dear nation from political dictators. Who are sleeping and monminring at the red/green chamber, forgotten that million of Nigerians looses their lives everyday due to their incompitencess and selfish interest.

“As for me, I did not see anything special in the just mere protests that rocks on democracy day, because it doesn’t bring any changes to the problem faces our nation. Is the interest of last year ENDSAR protests was acceptable by the so called political mayhem?

May God heal our land.

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